Provide premier training for the affordable housing industry, with comprehensive education of complex regulations in a series of accessible and informative training modules.


Communicating the complexities of affordable housing programs and governmental regulations is no easy task. Zeffert & Associates, the industry leader in disseminating housing standards and compliance regulations to leasing and real estate agent trainees, required the use of well-articulated learning modules. These virtual modules augment the company’s public speeches and onsite training initiatives.

Armed with the knowledge, skills and technology to align with Zeffert’s unique objectives, Motivation Technologies brought its proven track record to the proceedings. The talented team at MoTech created a series of compelling online training courses, constructed exclusively in Articulate’s Storyline 360 program for Zeffert’s LMS.


The collaborative nature of the relationship allowed Zeffert principals to write, organize and provide the voiceover narration for the learning modules, while Motivation Technologies crafted the pieces into professional and engaging eLearning packages for their subscribers.


“The MoTech team has created a partnership with our company’s development and growth. Not only have they evolved with us because of the way they focus on being unique to each class, but they have made it so easy for us to pivot as our industry evolves. Their team has a way of making every idea work, which quickly creates a high level of trust.”

Mandi Lewis, Director of Training – Zeffert & Associates


The partnership that began in 2022 has already yielded immediate and evident results, leading to significant increases in revenues, higher levels of learner engagement, repeat program buyers and improved customer reviews. By embracing modern eLearning methodologies and leveraging Motivation Technologies’ expertise, Zeffert successfully transitioned from recorded videos and in-person training content to high-quality, and interactive eLearning courses. Due to the overwhelming success of the modules produced in 2022, course production will more than double in 2023.