Build advocacy and train an external Seagate sales force not their own, with an online community offering brand and product information, training and rewards.


When Seagate was looking for a way to reintroduce the company’s impressive suite of digital storage products to a new segment of users/consumers, they called on Motivation Technologies, with its proven track record of helping brands. While Seagate had solidified a strong reputation for superior products within tech circles, the company sought help in informing, training and gaining loyalty from advocates outside the hard-tech industry. Experienced in architecting online communities, building brand loyalty and enhancing traditional LMS systems, Motivation Technologies stepped in and crafted a customized program.


  • Build a community that attracts and retains users to engage with the brand
  • Design and develop a new method for retailers, sales staff and interested parties to learn about Seagate products
  • Develop a community where users can interact, learn and reap rewards
  • Help drive sales for the suite of Seagate products


Create a user-focused community that fosters brand advocacy through engaging learning content, connection and rewards that ultimately becomes an online destination for its users. And that’s just what we did.


Motivation Technologies developed a comprehensive creative and content strategy, matching it with a full-scale web and mobile build called the Seagate Champions Club. This new online destination (hub) was more than just another LMS. Instead, it was a voice of authenticity, well outpacing its competition. By including targeted interactive content straight from subject matter experts, Seagate’s product knowledge and brand values poured through the site and to its userbase. Gamification and rewards mechanisms kept users returning and interacting.


The Seagate Champions Club continues to be a thriving online community. By creating a user-focused community that fosters brand advocacy through creative, interactive learning content, community and rewards, Motivation Technologies helped the brand build an online destination from the ground up. The program continues to add new members and find new ways to train, inform and reward participants for their time, their knowledge and their commitment to the Seagate brand.