Train the external retail salesforce for a global Top 100 tech company to advocate for their brand, providing an online community that interacts through training quizzes, rewards, information and competitions.


We wanted a program that trains a salesforce to sell bigger, deeper and more, while motivating them to make product recommendations. While it wasn’t practical to staff retail outlets with brand advocates, it made perfect sense to incentivize store associates to become brand advocates independently through an online resource.

Brands with strong reputations as leaders would serve as the starting point in assembling such a program. A customized, online training portal would serve to provide the information and reinforce the learning with quizzes, while offering meaningful rewards and a sense of community, creating a global force of brand advocates.


  • Globally strengthen the relationship between retail sales professionals and the company brand
  • Educate retail sales professionals about products in the marketplace so they can better sell a variety of products
  • Foster an online community for retail sales professionals to become trained and rewarded, which invites and incorporates feedback for an optimal user experience


Develop and evolve a global website and mobile apps, customized for more than 100 countries in 25+ languages. Incorporate learning activities in a variety of formats (interactive courses, articles, videos) while engaging users by rewarding them for their participation and longevity. Construct and implement strategic promotions at a local country level that maximize user involvement.


A retail sales program that was the result of a critical look at a company’s needs and objectives. After more than 15+ years, the online community remains a quintessential source for training and information, with meaningful rewards and measurable rates of success for both users and the company. This comprehensive content plan requires participants to interact via the program website or mobile app, customized for their region. Consistently-updated learning activities, sales tools and news items increase users’ knowledge to help them sell better and sell more. Participants are rewarded for their activity with custom-developed currency, good for prizes, auctions and a variety of other awards.


The measurable benefits of the retail sales program are self-evident. During its 15+ years, the program has boasted an abundance of impressive statistics. Engaging and rewarding competitions continue to compel retail sales professionals to actively seek out the provided training and complete assignments. And the ongoing relationship between Motivation Technologies and these companies continues to provide results-driven achievements, including an ever-growing salesforce of advocates in the field.